Peter Doherty Live @ Hackney Empire, London 19 & 20/05/2016

Down For The Outing

The Steam

Oily Boker

The Whole World Is Our Playground

Shore Leave

Time For Heroes (The Libertines Song)

The Good Old Days With The Libertines

I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone)

You're My Waterloo (The Libertines Song)

Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven

Albion (Babyshambles Song)

Hired Gun (Alan Wass Song) +

Back From The Dead (Babyshambles Song)

Flags Of The Old Regime

The Ha Ha Wall With The Libertines

Last Of The English Roses


Colly Kibber

Albion With Carl Barât (Babyshambles Song)

Killamangiro (Babyshambles Song)

Gunga Din With The Libertines


Don't Look Back Into The Sun

With The Libertines