Bonobo Live @ Troxy, London 11/12/2010

Anyone who attends a Bonobo gig for the first time, expects to nod their head to the sounds of a very talented Dj, and perhaps even be mesmerised by Bajka's or Andreya Triana’s velvet and sensual voices on some of the tunes.

However, one would be surprised to face a proper orchestra on stage when they’ve come to listen to a DJ.

Over 10 instruments are creating the magic, including a saxophone, a trumpet, a trombone, a drum, a guitar, a violin, a cello, and a synthesiser... Meanwhile, Bonobo AKA Simon Green, is modestly standing at the centre-back switching between his bass and his laptop. The band played 18 songs, including 8 new ones from the last album Black Sands.

The evening seemed surreal, and although the form looked like a grandiose and sophisticated show, the substance gave a feeling of sneaking into a casual but confident jamming session of very talented musicians, having a good time and innately playing beautiful melodies.


1. Flutter 2. Pick Up 3. Kiara 4. Stay the Same 5. Days to Come 6. The Keeper 7. Andreya Triana Solo 8. Kong 9. Ketto 10. Noctuary 11. Recurring 12. We Could Forever 13. Eyesdown 14. Nightlite 15. Transmission 94 16. El Toro


17. Black Sands 18. Between the Lines

#Bonobo #Troxy

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