The Libertines Live @ Alexandra Palace, London 28/09/2014

After an infamous come-back performance at British Summer Time Hyde Park, the Libertines decided to reunite for a couple of gigs at Alexandra Palace on the 28th and 29th of September. They looked as if they had never split, pouring all their heart into the show, and exposing an obvious complicity, unity, and genuineness as ever. The frontmen shared their microphone for almost the entire gig, instead of singing in the two provided, as usual.

The concert started with The Delaney's guitar riffs, illustrated by the band's signature Union Flag displayed on the giant screen, which Barât was wearing tied around his waist too. The display was then switching between Up The Bracket Artwork, black and white images of the band performing live, and some camcorder footage titled "Albion". All together, it gave a very nostalgic feeling of the good old days…

The band disappeared backstage after The Ha Ha Wall, and Barât offered a brilliant acoustic solo version of The Ballad of Grimaldi, in a gypsy guitar style. A very excited Bilo AKA Peter Doherty introduced The Saga with his own version of music hall song "My old man said follow the van, and don't dilly dally on the way"; replacing the lyrics with "My old man singing back in the band, playin' the Ally Pally on the way".

The Babyshambles frontman also offered his acoustic solo version of Fuck Forever just before the encore, which was unfortunately not as acclaimed as it usually is during the Shambles' or Doherty’s solo gigs. The fact that the crowd was quite different from the one coming to see the other bands might be the reason why; as the Libertines' audience was rather older and more masculine.

Doherty then started playing the intro to Babyshambles’ Monkey Casino, while waiting for his bandmates to join him. The Libertines got back on stage, Barât jumping on his co-frontman’s shoulder before reopening the gig with What Became Of The Likely Lads. Peter Doherty carried on with The Smith's What She Said intro before they played Up The Bracket; and concluded an authentic rock n'roll evening with What A Waster and I Get Along.


1. The Delaney

2. Campaign Of Hate

3. Vertigo

4. Time For Heroes

5. Horrorshow

6. Begging

7. The Ha Ha Wall

8. The Ballad Of Grimaldi (Carl Barât Acoustic Solo)

9. Music When The Lights Go Out

10. What Katie Did

11. The Boy Looked At Johnny

12. Boys In The Band

13. Can't Stand Me Now

14. Last Post On The Bugle

15. Don't Look Back Into The Sun

16. The Saga (Fred W. Leigh & Charles Collins' My Old Man Intro)

17. Death On The Stairs

18. Tell The King

19. The Good Old Days

20. Fuck Forever (Peter Doherty Acoustic Solo Babyshamble's Cover)


21. What Became Of The Likely Lads (Babyshambles' Monkey Casino Intro)

22. Up The Bracket (The Smith's What She Said Intro)

23. What A Waster

24. I Get Along

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