The Dø Live @ Village Underground, London 03/11/2014

I didn't get a chance to listen to their last album Shake Shook Shaken before attending The Dø's gig at the Village Underground; although I thought I knew what to expect as I was already familiar with their folk sound. Being a French band, their record didn't get much attention and many reviews in the UK, therefore I must admit it came quite as a surprise when I heard the first beats of Omen. Not a single guitar, ukulele, maracas or anything we were used to with The Dø; purely electronic sound.

It was risky, very risky. But it was way worth the try. The duo managed to deliver something new, something different, but well achieved and balanced. They proved they were not only talented in their own style, they were also polyvalent and very creative. Of course, Olivia's voice was pure and magic as usual. It smoothed out the strong beats of the electronic drums.

Although, the audience was quite receptive to these flabbergasting new sounds, their surprise seemed to have prevented them from dancing. It was quite a shame for the artists who obviously put a lot of energy and excitement into the show. According to me, Anita No! was the revelation of the whole album. The rhythm was stirring, the chorus was rousing and bewitching, it is simply addictive. And after listening to the recorded version, I might also add that it's even better live.

The band offered two encores, covering Daft Punk & Julian Casablancas' Instant Crush in the second one. They transformed the song into a much darker tune, accelerating the verses and slowing down the chorus, as well as replacing the original high pitched sounds with a deeper synth and bass. The result emphasised on Olivia's voice and gave birth to a much more moving and sensual outcome. The Dø aren't only great at performing their own songs, they also manage to enhance other's.


1. Omen

2. A Mess Like This

3. Keep Your Lips Sealed

4. Miracles (Back In Time)

5. Sparks

6. Trustful Hands

7. Anita No!

8. Opposite Ways

9. Slippery Slope

10. Going Through Walls

11. Lick My Wounds

12. Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy


13. Dust It Off

Encore 2:

14. Poppies (Olivia Merilahti & Dan Levy)

15. Instant Crush (Daft Punk & Julian Casablancas' Cover)

16. Nature Will Remain

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