Angus & Julia Stone Live @ Eventim Apollo, London 16/12/2014

The 16th of December 2014 marked the last date of Angus & Julia Stone's European tour. Their most recent self-titled album was released last summer, and we were lucky to discover 4 new songs live amongst the 13 they played. The first one, which also opened the gig, was A Heartbreak. The simple although very effective lighting effect - involving spotlights lighting up alternatively the singers and the band - emphasised the beat of the song and added a lot of character to it.

They carried on with Main Street, another new release, followed by For You, which Julia introduced saying she wrote it for an ex-boyfriend, who replied to her by another song called Going To Hell! Later on, Miss Stone offered us a delightful live version of Private Lawns, singing in a very candid and malicious voice, and delivering an impressive trumpet solo in between two breaths. Halfway through their performance, the duo finally decided to play the very expected Big Jet Plane, illustrated with a whole wall of light bulbs displayed behind them, giving the impression of a starry sky. The crowd was very pleased and started singing along.

Once the audience was warmed up, the timing was perfect for Julia to perform her infamous cover of Grease's You Are The One That I Want, and ask everyone to join in for the "Oo Oo Oo" part; before adapting it to the christmassy season and turning it into "Ho Ho Ho"! The crowd got really in to it, making the singer laugh and say she "will never forget that".

Unfortunately the very rude audience that has been coming and going between the bar and their seat during the whole show, started leaving all at once before the end, to such an extent that the singer asked them where they were all going… However, Angus & Julia Stone aimed to please the fans all along, and offered them the opportunity to make a request for the last song, which was obviously answered by a hubbub of different titles. Therefore, they decided to reveal their best new composition kept for last, which was the beautiful Heart Beats Slow.

The band came back for an encore and played And The Boys as well as Santa Monica Dream, from their previous album Down The Way. After their last notes, the Stone's thanked the audience and gave each other a warm brotherly hug, ending the show not only on enchanting and poetic melodies, but also on a very tender visual.


1. A Heartbreak

2. Main Street

3. For You

4. Crash + Burn

5. Private Lawns

6. Big Jet Plane

7. You're The One That I Want (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Cover)

8. Draw Your Swords

9. Chocolates & Cigarettes

10. Yellow Brick Road

11. Heart Beats Slow


12. And The Boys

13. Santa Monica Dream

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