Interpol Live @ NME Awards, The Forum, London 17/02/2015

For the release of their 5th album, Interpol started touring North America in September 2014, and carried on with a much expected European tour to promote El Pintor. Much expected because if Interpol were not American, they should have been British. They have got that classy and elegant style to their their rock music, that sort of attitude, not too clean but not too messy either. Obviously, the UK gigs were all sold out but we were lucky to see them at The Forum, as part of the NME Awards.

They opened the show with Say Hello To The Angels, from their infamous Turn On The Bright Lights album, and jumped onto their new compositions straight after, with Anywhere and My Blue Supreme. Following these recent releases, the band pleased the audience when they started strumming the first chords of Evil. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue they stopped after a minute, singer Paul Banks retuned his guitar and they started again. That's not only the beauty of rock n'roll, it's the beauty of a live show. If it was not for all these imperfections that make the performance real and authentic, what would be the point of going to a concert?

After 5 songs, the album illustration displayed on the giant screen finally disappeared to give way to the psychedelic wavy and colourful lines dancing to the sound of My Desire, a very rhythmic composition that makes you want to waddle. The abstract forms were then replaced by breathtaking mountain landscapes filmed from the top, which added to the intensity and emotion of Breaker 1, giving the impression that the band was flying fast in the sky.

Interpol kept their most acclaimed song for last, creating a deep thrill when they started playing Slow Hands. The band left and came back for a 3-song encore, encluding the last of their new releases; All The Rage Back Home, which started quite mellow and got the people up and dancing when it kicked in. They closed the evening with Untitled, which they played after coming back for an unexpected second encore.

Altogether, the gig was up to Interpol's talent. A band with a real identity, which you can recognise as soon as you hear the first note. They remained true to their style while staying steadfast in terms of quality. However, it's a shame that the band members have such a shy personality, they thanked their audience briefly a few times, but sadly never really communicated with the people.; definitely not by contempt, but rather by reserve. Nonetheless, the show - that is, the live performance and the amazing visuals - had a lot of character, and was way worth seeing.


1. Say Hello To The Angels

2. Anywhere

3. My Blue Supreme

4. Evil

5. Leif Erikson

6. My Desire

7. Rest My Chemistry

8. Everything Is Wrong

9. The New

10. Lights

11. Breaker 1

12. Pioneer To The Falls

13. Not Even Jail

14. Slow Hands


15. All The Rage Back Home

16. NYC

17. PDA

Encore 2:

18. Untitled

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