Peter Doherty Live @ Brixton Jamm, London 22/02/2015

Due to the very high demand, Peter Doherty was scheduled to play two gigs in one night on the 22nd of February. The 1st show was set to start at 7:30pm, and an hour earlier the crowd was already pilling up in front of the doors. After a long wait and multiple calls from an impatient fans singing Babyshambles' ska/reggae tune "I Wish"; Doherty finally appeared on stage at 8:15pm with violinist Miki Beavis, as well as Drew McConnell and Adam Falkner, Babyshambles' bassist and drummer.

Doherty played a few chords with Beavis before addressing the audience saying "Evening… We haven't played in a little while… Fuck it, we just go straight into Flags… And then, we'll have a chat between the sets". The crowd went bonkers at the first sounds of Flags Of The Old Regime, and started singing along the unreleased, yet very well known song. This will be the singer's only solo and new material performed that night, with 7 other songs from Babyshambles, and 6 from The Libertines, including Delivery and Can't Stand Me Now.

The fans sang along the whole gig and never failed to cheer Billy Bilo AKA Pete Doherty, by shouting his nickname in between the tracks. After 8 classics, the band played a rough, out-of-tune version of Babyshambles' Side of The Road, followed by a beautifully rearranged version of What Katie Did. We also had the chance to hear Beavis' very short violin solo during Time For Heroes, the last song before they all returned backstage.

The crowd called out for more straight away, and started singing Music When The Lights Go Out with the strength, the warmth and the emotion of a small stadium; until The Libertines co-frontman came out with a wonderful smile on his face, wrapped himself in a Union Flag, and took back the song from the beginning with his acoustic guitar, accompanied by Miki Beavis' Violin.

Doherty closed the show with Albion, which the audience started singing long before him - like most of the songs - until Katia De Vidas joined the band with a harmonica. The gang left after an hour of giving all they had, creating a raw, real and authentic performance, fulfilling all the requirements for a delightful journey from Albion to Arcadia.


1. Flags Of The Old Regime

2. Delivery (Babyshambles Song)

3. Don't Look Back Into The Sun (The Libertines Song)

4. Nothing Comes To Nothing (Babyshambles Song)

5. Beg, Steal Or Borrow (Babyshambles Song)

6. What A Waster (The Libertines Song)

7. Killamangiro (Babyshambles Song)

8. Can't Stand Me Now (The Libertines Song)

9. Side Of The Road (Babyshambles Song)

10. What Katie Did (The Libertines Song)

11. Back From The Dead (Babyshambles Song with Queen's Park Rangers Chant Intro)

12. Time For Heroes (The Libertines Song)


13. Music When The Lights Go Out (The Libertines Song)

14. Albion (Babyshambles Song with Katia De Vidas)

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