Fleetwood Mac Live @ The O2, London 27/06/2015

Fleetwood Mac played the 82nd gig of their On With The Show tour in London yesterday. After all the changes experienced by the legendary band, the five members who have been playing together since 1975, managed to retrieve their full line up last year, when Christine McVie decided to get back on board with the band following 16 years of absence. The band opened the show with one of their biggest hits, The Chain.

Singer Stevie Nicks addressed the audience for the first time after the second song You Make Loving Fun, welcoming back Ms. McVie into the band, before shouting out “Let’s get this party started”!! Both girls’ voices have considerably aged, although the magic still operated well when they all sang in chorus, sending shivers down people's spine. After a few songs, Christine McVie shared her emotion of being back on stage with the band, before dedicating the very well acclaimed Everywhere to the crowd.

Lindsey Buckingham has of course made multiple demonstrations of his incredible guitar skills throughout the night, but was properly praised as soon as the whole band left him to play the solo acoustic - and much faster - version of Big Love; which he introduced as a song recorded in a transitional time after a very uninhibited period, concluding on the importance and power of change.

Nicks then joined Buckingham on stage to perform the extremely awaited Landslide, which she dedicated to the singer Adele, calling her a “spectacular" song-writer, before modestly declaring “she is going to be me in forty years”!! The rest of the band got back on stage to play Over My Head - the first single they have all released together - with Mick Fleetwood playing a “cocktail kit” in the centre of the stage.

Stevie Nicks will introduce the following song Gypsy by telling the story of Fleetwood Mac’s beginnings, back when they were opening for Jimmy Hendrix, yet she couldn’t afford her dream clothes at the very fancy Velvet Underground store. She concluded the story by encouraging the crowd to believe in their dreams and fulfil them without fearing people’s opinion. This was another of the numerous spiritual interventions of the night, which took the audience to a rather different space and time... Around the 1970's America!

Fleetwood Mac closed their set with Go Your Own Way, getting the whole crowd standing on their feet, dancing and singing; and ended it with another of Buckingham’s mesmerising solos, during which he leaned towards the fans allowing them to strum a few guitar chords. The band came back for a 3-song encore, including World Turning, after which they all left founder Mick Fleetwood pursuing with a transcending drum solo.

The legendary rock band left after a couple more dancing hits, until Christine McVie came back to perform a final solo song on the piano, the very romantic Songbird. Buckingham joined her on the guitar in the middle of the song, for the greatest pleasure of the crowd; and they made their final goodbyes after a few more love-fueled, hippie speeches!


1. The Chain

2. You Make Loving Fun

3. Dreams

4. Second Hand News

5. Rhiannon

6. Everywhere

7. I Know I'm Not Wrong

8. Tusk

9. Sisters Of The Moon

10. Say You Love Me

11. Bige Love (Lindsey Buckingham Acoustic Solo)

12. Landslide

13. Never Going Back Again

14. Over My Head

15. Gypsy

16. Little Lies

17. Gold Dust Woman

18. I'm so Afraid

19. Go Your Own Way


20. World Turning

21. Don't Stop

22. Silver Springs

Encore 2:

23. Songbird

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