Reverend & The Makers End Their Gig On The Streets Of Camden

It was a mad night in and outside Koko yesterday. The Makers arrived on stage at 9:30pm without their Reverend to kick off the show with "Amsterdam", from their latest release "Mirrors". Jon McClure AKA The Reverend finally joined the band and urged the fans to sing along before calling it bullshit! The crowd started going bonkers as soon as they heard the first notes of "Open Your Window", and the Reverend chimed in bouncing on stage like a kangaroo.

McClure then grabbed his guitar to play the first and very solid single of the new album, "Black Widow", followed by another new composition, "Makin'Babies". After 5 songs, The Reverend got the remaining "10% of the crowed still stiffed" - as he said - to join the craziness on the well acclaimed "Heavyweight Champion Of The World" and "Miss Brown". This is when the lead singer who was "worried about London gigs", admitted that the crowd dispelled the boring reputation it holds in the northern parts of the country; and was actually brilliant.

The madness continued for a couple more songs before The Makers left the stage to their Reverend, who performed Paris At Night solo in memory of the Paris shootings victims. The crowd calmed down for a bit, providing and ideal atmosphere for Ed Cosens' solo performance of new song “Last To Know” joined by keyboardist Laura McClure, just before the rest of the band jumped on the guitarist teasingly as he reached the last notes.

It was not long before the fans regained the kingdom of insanity, putting all their energy in the remaining few songs until the show ended with the very famous Silence Is talking. Lead singer Jon McClure advised his "revarmy" to meet him outside for an encore, which people rushed to humming the catchy trumpet riffs of the final song.

Once on the streets of Camden, McClure covered The Special's version of A message To You Rudy perched on a low wall, getting the gigantic crowd to sing along, and the mesmerised drivers to blow their horns cheering the implausible reunion.


1. Amsterdam

2. Open Your Window

3. Shine The Light

4. Black Widow

5. Makin' Babies

6. Heavyweight Champion Of The World

7. Miss Brown

8. Mr Glassalfempty

9. Bassline

10. Hidden Persuaders

11. Out Of The Shadows

12. Paris At Night

13. Something To Remember

14. El Cabrera

15. The State Of Things

16. I Spy

17. Last To Know

18. Devil's Radio

19. Bandits

20. He Said He Loved Me

21. Silence Is Talking


1. A Message To You, Rudy (The Specials Cover) - Outside

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