Trampolene Combines Poetry And Rock N' Roll Perfectly

It’s in front of an intimate crowd of 50 that the emerging British band Trampolene performed yesterday at Nambucca, north London. The lucky folks who attended were treated to an emotional rollercostter, featuring some provocative poetry combined with insane guitar riffs as well as gentle melodies; set on a psychedelic background of the the three boys’ faces resting in flowers. Trampolene knows how to satisfy all tastes, sinking their teeth in a wide panel of genres, and they are pretty good at it.

Frontman Jack Jones started the gig with a solo performance of his latest poem "Pound Land", a rather depressing but fine critic of the British society in a John Cooper Clarke kind of style. Jones was then joined by his bandmates Mr Williams on drums, and Wayne Thomas on bass guitar - who broke a string while performing one of their hit songs You Do Nothing For Me. The band kept their cool in front of their modest audience, and Jones used the opportunity to perform his poem “Ketamine" while Thomas was changing his string.

The band pursued with the very contrasting "Alcohol Kiss" from their 2014 Pocket Album, treating the audience to some electricity and eroticism, before setting a melancholic mood with "Swansea To Horsney", a heartfelt song about wanderlust. After 12 songs and a fair amount of dancing, the band closed the show with another of Jack Jone’s solo performances. The frontman concluded the evening with his fast and clever poem about early life experiences, "Artwork Of Youth”.

Trampolene is the face of a modern generation breathing new life into British rock n'roll; still rebellious, but about being jobless rather than having to work (cf. the fantastic poem "Health & Well Being At Wood Green Job Centre"). Still smoking, but electronic cigarettes! If you want to hear some fresh sounds of squealing guitars, sharp poems and crazy hair game, the boys will be playing the Brixton Jamm next February.


1. Pound Land (Poem)

3. You Do Nothing For Me

4. Ketamine (Poem)

5. Alcohol Kiss

6. Concept Lover

7. I’m On My Own

8. Swansea To Hornsey

9. 365

10. Under The Strobe Light

11. No One’s Got Love Like We Got

12. It’s Not Rock & Roll

13. Artwork Of Youth (Poem)

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