The Libertines Maintain Their Fiery Reputation And Perform In Good Company...

The Libertines concluded their UK tour with a homecoming gig at London's O2 Arena yesterday. They delivered the proof of a real and emotional reunion in front of 20,000 people - their largest audience yet - with a performance still full of charisma, brotherhood and musical genius. They opened the show with Barbarians, also the opening title of their latest album Anthems For Doomed Youth. The band pursued with The Delaney, as of course they wouldn't let down the early days fans coming for the decade old big hits, and therefore, played a very few songs from their new album.

However, songs like Heart Of The Matter - the second release from Anthems For Doomed Youth - drew astonishing cheers and applauses from a quite excited crowd. The new version of You're My Waterloo was also very well acclaimed, and allowed Carl Barât to show off his unexpected piano skills while accompanying Pete Doherty and the chilling crowd on vocals.

Of course, the Libs didn't skip on all time favourites What Katie Did, Can't Stand Me Know or Don't Look Back Into The Sun, but the honesty and genuineness that captivated their audience in the first place was still very palpable in their new material and performance, without losing a hint of quality.

The way Doherty and Barât always shared their demons, fears, and fights in some very autobiographical songs such as Can't Stand Me Know, still remains in songs like Heart Of The Matter and Gunga Din, even though the debauchery that accompanied their style and aroused the doomed youth has calmed down; with a band not even smoking on stage at risk of being fined!

Don't get us wrong though, whilst all the members are now parents who've settled down, they still maintain their fiery reputation on stage, where they perform in good company of ladies wearing their iconic guard jackets and kinky lingerie… Long live the Libertine Dream!


01. Barbarians

02. The Delaney

03. Heart Of The Matter

04. Horrorshow

05. Fame And Fortune

06. Boys In The Band

07. The Milkman's Horse

08. What Katie Did

09. Anthem For Doomed Youth

10. You're My Waterloo

11. The Man Who Would Be King

12. Gunga Din

13. Can't Stand Me Now

14. Vertigo

15. Death On The Stairs

16. Time For Heroes

17. The Good Old Days (Drum Solo Intro)


18. Music When The Lights Go Out (Albion (Babyshambles Cover) Intro & Outro)

19. Up The Bracket

20. What A Waster

21. Don't Look Back Into The Sun

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