The Duke Spirit: A Bewitching Performance For An Underrated Band

Yesterday, The Duke Spirit kicked off the first of their 4 UK dates at the Islington Assembly Hall. Lead singer Liela Moss turned up on stage sporting a long and dark cape-style jacket that would be the envy of Stevie Nicks. The singer offered a performance as bewitching as her outfit, opening the gig with "Into The Fold" from their 2008 album Neptune.

After playing a couple first songs including the well acclaimed "The Step And The Walk", Moss commented on the latter saying “These are some OLD songs, and if you got them in the beginning then, God bless you!” - before pursuing with the 2005 composition "Darling, You’re Mean" from their very first album Cuts Across The Land.

The London-based band went on performing older classics including "Lassoo" and "Dog Roses" as well as more recent hits such as the heavy and hypnotic “Bodies”. They also gave the crowd a taste of their upcoming album Kin - which is due for release in April 2016 - performing the first singles: the enchanting “Blue & Yellow Light”, the very mellow “Here Comes The Vapours”, and the rather rousing “Hands” - which was only released last month.

The band closed the gig with "Love Is An Unfamiliar Name", before coming back to perform the awaited "Send A Little Love Token” along with two additional songs from their first album, in order to end on a nostalgic note.

Altogether, Kin promisses to be more melodic and accessible than The Duke Spirit's previous material, which will hopefully help them break through to a larger audience. It is now time to give that band the credit they really deserve for their talent and creativity comparable to Bjork or PJ Harvey.


1. Into The Fold

2. A Wild Hope

3. The Step And The Walk

4. Bottom Of The Sea

5. Darling, You’re Mean

6. Nine & Scramble

7. Lassoo

8. Here Comes The Vapours

9. Blue And Yellow Light

10. So Good To Hear

11. Hands

12. Bodies

13. Dog Roses

14. Lion Rip

15. Red Weather

16. Love Is An Unfamiliar Name


17. Hello To The Floor

18. Send A Little Love Token

19. Cuts Across The Land

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