The Duke Spirit's New Album KIN Takes You On A Psychedelic Journey

Five years after the release of their album Bruiser, The Duke Spirit comes back with their awaited 4th album Kin, out on the 6th of May. Indeed, the band gave a taste of their new record last October with the release of the first single, "Blue And Yellow Light", followed by “Hands" and "Here Comes The Vapour” - which we had the honour of hearing performed live at the Islington Assembly Hall.

More recently, The Duke Spirit unveiled an additional jewel called “Wounded Wing”, featuring vocals by Mark Lanegan. In the continuity of these very hypnotic titles, Kin is an album that takes you on a psychedelic journey through your own mindscape, especially with songs like “Pacific” and “100 Horses Run”. Even though the songs are fairly abstract, the feeling of escape is quite omnipresent, immersing yourself in some rather melancholic atmospheres.

This record demonstrates the impeccable skills and technic of The Duke Spirit, without being too experimental or complicated, and while keeping the emotions alive and intact. Before you know it, the musical universe Kin has let you wander through - in that flowing manner that only concept albums can create - is concluded with "Follow", which seems to be a perfect goodbye song… until the next album.

The Duke Spirit will be playing 4 in-store gigs to promote the release of Kin:

Friday 6th May - Kingston Banquet (acoustic 6pm)

Monday 9th May - Brighton Resident (acoustic 6:30pm)

Wednesday 11th May - London Rough Trade (full band 7pm)

Thursday 12th May - Southsea Pie & Vinyl (acoustic 7pm)


  1. Blue And Yellow Light

  2. Sonar

  3. Wounded Wing

  4. Hands

  5. Here Comes The Vapour

  6. Pacific

  7. Anola

  8. Side By Side

  9. 100 Horses Run

  10. Follow

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