John Hassall & The April Rainers: Melodic, Rhythmic, And Addictive

You may have heard of John Hassall from his previous band Yeti, but you probably know him even better as one of the recently reformed Libertines - He’s the bassist, you know, the quiet one…

Hassall's new band The April Rainers recently kicked him out, in order to become John Hassall AND The April Rainers. Their name sounds like one of a 60's band, and surprisingly enough, their music too!

John Hassall & The April Rainers are a Denmark-based band, ironically counting only one Danish member on the drums, amongst two Brits on the guitar, and a Norwegian bassist.

Last night, John, James, Jakob and Erlend brought their 60's pop sound to the industrial venue Pickle Factory in East London. The crowd danced to some melodic, rhythmic and incredibly catchy tunes, seasoned with a generous dose of joie de vivre, and creating the perfect cocktail for some good live music, the kind you thought had disappeared.

The Beatles’s influence is obviously very present in The April Rainer’s sound, as well as The Beach Boys’, which adds a touch of summer through the singular high pitch backups. Actually, the band also surfs on summery and generally sunny themes with songs such as "Julie July", performed by drummer Jakob Bruno.

Yes, all the members take on to the mic, not just the frontman! And even when guitarist James Jefferys decides to tackle a darker theme with "If I Die We All Die", he manages to maintain the joyful spirit with some more enchanting melodies.

John Hassall & The April Rainers' debut album Wheels To Idyll is due to be released on the 25th of November, so if you're a fervent nostalgic of the golden era of rock n’roll, get your hands on it, it will save you time travelling!


  1. Whether Girl

  2. Intercity 125

  3. Persephone

  4. Sun In The Afternoon

  5. Ladybird

  6. Julie July

  7. Given Time

  8. Mosey Through My Mind

  9. If I Die We All Die

  10. Last Scene Of Summer

  11. Sapphire Serpentine

  12. My New 2nd Hand Shoes


  1. Runaway

  2. West Country Queen

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